Lawn Equipment Repair 

A East Haven High School Graduate, Michael Gambardella has extensive experience as a mechanic and in the the landscaping industry.

In the beginning of his career he spent 6 years working as a mechanic in the automotive & construction equipment field working on various cars trucks and heavy equipment. For the past 15 years Michael has owned a successful landscaping firm. Also during this time he still worked as a mechanic repairing all his own equipment as well as repairing other peoples machines in his own shop.

After seeing many top local power equipment dealerships close up and seeing the low quality overpriced dealerships remain and hearing the horror stories about low quality repairs and customer service. Michael felt it was necessary to open up his own shop that would produce top quality service at an affordable price and treat customers with respect.

The shop might not be the biggest like the more expensive repair shops but things are done correctly at an affordable price.

In 2015 Michael decided to start selling power equipment as well. He first started selling Tanaka Equipment which has been around since the 1970s producing many fine pieces of hand held power equipment. Shortly after he picked up a new brand Wordlawn which is a division of Encore Mower Company. Worldlawn produces residential and commercial mowers made right here in the USA. Just recently Fradan Leaf blowers and Vacuums have joined the assortment of equipment lines too. These are the finest leaf blowers and vacuums you can buy.